EAO CONGRESS 2023 - Berlin Reloaded Berlin Reloaded
September 28th - 30th 2023
Invited country: Türkiye
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What is the main focus of the congress this year?

Henning Schliephake
The first focus is advances in digital technology, which is something that’s being talked about more and more. AI is creeping into many areas of medicine, particularly diagnostics. Big data will give dentists the chance to assess personal risk profiles like we’ve done with other diseases. In the future we’ll potentially use big data to establish an individual patient’s prognosis or risk profile.
Augmented reality has moved from theory to practice over the past couple of years, for instance with headsets that project data into the surgeon’s field of vision. This kind of tool will probably become part of mainstream dentistry within a very short time. Tools like these will mean that the surgeon can directly match the planning data to the surgical procedure and get real-time feedback.
The second topic is the frail patient. Patients are getting older and older, with comorbidities and their associated risk factors. We have to be aware of that and identify frail patients early on so we can respond with appropriate planning.

Florian Beuer

The third focus of this year’s congress is peri-implantitis, which will be the theme for the Battle of Concepts. Peri-implantitis is a topic that we still don’t know enough about. There are many treatment approaches and associated questions. At the same time, exciting new discoveries are emerging that should help identify patients who are at risk in the future. The goal isn’t just to treat peri-implantitis once it’s been identified, but to be much more active in prevention, then take particular care of those patients at risk.
As well as these three main themes, I’m also really looking forward to the German-speaking programme, which delegates will be able to hear in the language of their choice thanks to this year’s simultaneous translation. The first DGI session, which is on personalised implant dentistry, features chairs from Germany and Austria and I know it will be a must-see. Berlin has its own humour, known as ‘Berliner Schnauze’, while Vienna is famous for ‘Wiener Schmäh’, a brand of wit and irony that will ensure this is a lively and engaging discussion!

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