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Friday 30th September 

  1. 09:00-11:30 or 14:00-16:30

    Bone Graft Cements – Out of the Box Approach for the Treatment of a Variety of Augmentation Challenges

    Speaker: Amos Yahav (Israel)

    The purpose of this course is to introduce the concept of bone graft cements (Biphasic Calcium Sulfate), and the rationale behind the surgical protocols, the handling properties and the new surgical options that are available to us.

    This course will focus on specific bone cement surgical protocols for various bone augmentation procedures. Participants will learn how to manipulate the surgical flap to keep it minimally invasive and under tension (not tension free). How to work with no membrane and no primary closure, and how to eliminate the muscle influence on the movement of the graft. Participants will learn how to have predictable outcomes and avoid most traditional post-operative complications.

  2. 09:00-11:30

    Management of immediate implants and loading protocols: from standard to challenging approaches

     Speaker: Frank Schwarz (Germany)

     In this session, clinicians will be able to learn from two different indications to include immediate implant placement and loading in the anterior zone supported by 3D planning and guided surgery versus implant placement with the standard protocol approach. The second exercise and indication will involve a simultaneous approach with sinus elevation, lateral approach and residual vertical bone height with immediate implant placement. All exercises will be worked on two different models and featuring Camlog implants: Conelog PROGRESSIVE-LINE and CAMLOG PL as well as BioHorizons biomaterials.


    A new approach for soft tissue augmentation around implants featuring NovoMatrix, the novel porcine acellular dermal matrix

     Speaker: Ramón Gómez-Meda (Spain)

    A new porcine derived xenograft will be featured in this workshop as an alternative to connective tissue harvesting in patients in need of sot tissue augmentation around teeth or implants. This program will include an overview presentation of NovoMatrix, indications and case selection, different techniques and clinical cases highlighting soft tissue augmentation in order to achieve predictable results with NovoMatrix.




Utilizing Resorbable Materials in GBR & GTR Procedures

Speaker: Christos Tsamis (Greece)

In this session, delegates will practice the following procedures on pig jaws:

  1. Socket preservation with OSSIX™ Bone
  2. Lateral augmentation with OSSIX™ Bone and OSSIX® Plus (including practice of membrane fixation)
  3. Buccal dehiscence (around implant) with OSSIX® Volumax stand-alone (including fixation with periosteal sutures).


Mucogingival approach to soft and hard tissue augmentation with resorbable collagen scaffolds

Speaker: Michele Perelli (Italy)

In this session, delegates will practice the following procedures on pig jaws:

  1. Socket preservation and socket augmentation with OSSIX™ Bone
  2. Soft tissue augmentation around implants and teeth with OSSIX® Volumax
  3. Flap design and lateral bone augmentation with OSSIX™ Bone and OSSIX® Plus (including practice of membrane fixation)
  1. Strausman

    09:00-11:30 or 14:00-16:30

    New Approach In Immediate Implant Rehabilitations Customized Sealing Socket Abutment (SSA) simplify Immediate molar implant treatment Strategy

    Speaker: Gary Finelle (France)

    Minimally invasive therapy in dentistry is increasingly raising interest of dental community because of the clinical benefits it provides in terms of biological response, reduced morbidity, post op recovery, length and cost of treatment. Besides, digitalization is propelling dentistry and implantology into a more integrated workflow. These changes allow clinicians to approach diagnosis, surgery and final restorative as whole unique and connected treatment process for the maximum benefit of the patient.

    This workshop will discuss treatment workflow optimization in implant dentistry through digital and minimally invasive approach. Learning objectives: understand the benefits of the SSA workflow from patient experience standpoint, understand the benefits of the SSA workflow from clinician standpoint, discussion emergence profile, introduction of the innovative SSA Gingival Fit Abutment.

  2. 09:00-11:30

    GBR for Horizontal ridge augmentation - Sausage TechniqueTM
    Speaker: Hélène Arnal (France)

    Purpose of the workshop

    1. Being able to choose the best technique for each kind of bone defect
    2. Being able to realize a Sausage TechniqueTM (Hands-on)

    When horizontal ridge augmentation is needed, when the width of the ridge is less than 4mm at the top, a staged approach is often indicated.

    The Sausage TechniqueTM (Urban 2011 2013), is one of the least invasive scientifically documented technique for horizontal bone augmentation. It is also a technique that is able to provide the most horizontal bone gain. This technique will be described step by step with a video support during the workshop


    Bone management using Meisinger surgical instrument: from minimally invasive treatment to the managemnet of complex bone defects

    Speaker: Stefano Trasarti (Italy)

    In this hands-on session the participant will be involved in the management of defects that require an increase of volumes in order to obtain predictable results over time. Starting with the demonstration of new minimally invasive techniques of small peri-implant defects, the clinician will be involved in the execution of bone harvesting techniques to manage horizontal and vertical bone defects.This session is aimed to the neophyte and to the most experienced colleague. The speaker following Khoury technique, will involve the participant and guide him in the management of such cases. The purpose of our meeting is to awaken the joy of creativity and intrigue the clinician towards new knowledge.

  3. 09:00-11:30 or 14:00-16:30

    Intraoral scanning – easy, fast and precise to the benefit of the clinician as well as the patient when using NeoScan 1000TM and a 2-in-1 solution, Esthetic Healing and Scan Abutment in ONE!

    Speaker: Marcus Dagnelid (Sweden)

    Intraoral scanning is making rapid progress and will shortly have replaced traditional impression-taking. Patients are demanding it.

    This course will present and focus on the use of NeoScan 1000 in conjunction with a 2-in-1 solution, Esthetic Healing with Scan Peg - a very easy, fast and biocompatible way to take a modern impression.

    Participants will learn how to incorporate the NeoScan 1000 and the Scan Peg in their daily implant practice to secure the best treatment for the patient. 

    Is this maybe the easiest and best way to ensure precision and cost effectiveness within implant prosthetics?  



Saturday 1st October 

  • 09:00-11:30 or 14:00-16:30

    Can Peri-implantitis be prevented?
    Speaker: Patrick Schmidlin (Switzerland)

    Dental implants show impressive success rates when concerning implant survival as the main success criterion. However, peri-implant inflammation is a common clinical finding in the long-term. Dental health professionals will therefore be faced with specific challenges in individual peri-implant care management, which should be based on a holistic lifetime cycle approach: Optimized primary surgical and prosthetic considerations followed by patient-tailored preventive concepts as well as secondary re-interventional therapeutic protocols for implant recovery and preservation must be considered highlighting guided biofilm control strategies.

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