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September 28th - 30th 2023
Invited country: Türkiye
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Industry forums


Thursday 28th September

10:30 - 12:00

Is Immediate implant placement always possible? What are the hurdles and can they be overcome?

Moderator: Marcus Engelschalk (Germany)
Speakers: Howard Gluckman (South Africa), Paul Schuh (Germany)

In order to manage our case with the least number of surgical interventions, minimal trauma, and the fastest result possible with the best result, special techniques are required. Thin gingival morphotypes, lack of buccal bone or narrow diameter ridges require out-of-the-box techniques to achieve stable long-term success on a predictable and reproducible level.
Contemporary immediate implant restoration concepts of single teeth in the esthetic zone are the subject of this lecture.  A key aspect is digitalization and it will be shown what the new technologies can save us in terms of time. This forum will go through the pros and cons of each technique and will include a robust discussion about each lecturer's preferred techniques.

10:30 - 12:00

Regenerative Strategies and Biomaterials to Avoid and Restore Alveolar Ridge Atrophy
Speakers: Homa Zadeh (USA), Pascal Valentini (France), Shahram Ghanaati (Germany), Yoon-Jeong Park (South Korea), Young Dan Cho (South Korea)

Extraction of teeth is accompanied by significant alveolar bone atrophy, that can be interceded by Alveolar Ridge Preservation (ARP), as an evidence-based strategy. In healed atrophic sites, Alveolar Ridge Augmentation will be necessary to restore bone volume. In the posterior maxilla, sinus augmentation is a strategy to regenerate adequate bone for implant therapy. There are a variety of protocols and biomaterial for each of these procedures. In addition, innovative bioactive materials utilizing peptide and growth factor can be applied to the protocol. The experts assembled in this session will discuss choices of biomaterial, protocols and outcomes that will be helpful for clinicians to avoid and manage alveolar ridge atrophy.

10:30 - 12:00

Together has no limits - When innovation meets experience
Moderator: Theodor Thiele (Germany)
Speakers: Marco Tallarico (Italy), Matthias Kaupe (Germany), Andrea Ricci (Italy)

Every human being faces obstacles in the course of one’s life.
The more we challenge, the more desperate moments we go through. 
And that's the inevitable destiny of professionals. 

How can we overcome these obstacles a lot easier?
Listen to the story of our speakers on how their expertise could be amplified through innovations. 


16:45 - 18:45

Inspiration TALKS: Future delivered – implant workflows and beyond

Moderator: Malene Hallund (Denmark)  
Speakers: Serhat Aslan (Turkey), Christian Mertens (Germany), Kristina Schremer (Sweden)

Innovation. Science. Family. Connection. Choice. These important powerful words are at the very core of success – they empower you as dental professionals and deliver the future to your clinic. Discover an innovative and scientifically proven family of implants solutions, complete with a comprehensive restorative platform, regeneration products and digital workflow integration for clinical success and optimal patient care. 

Join Inspiration TALKS with a renowned panel of experts that will explore how one ecosystem makes your life easier and delivers your digital future today. 



16:45 - 18:45

Proven concepts & innovative solutions for your daily practice!

Speakers: Daniel Buser (Switzerland), Lorenzo Tavelli (USA), Mario Beretta (Italy), Florian Rathe (Germany)

Striving not for a quick fix but for long-term success? Looking for new solutions that can advance the state-of-the art? Willing to adopt treatment approaches geared to patients’ current needs and expectations?

Our four speakers will provide guidance for your daily practice:

Daniel Buser: Surgical key factors for successful outcomes with GBR and excellent long-term stability
Lorenzo Tavelli: Minimally invasive soft-tissue grafting for peri-implant health, esthetics, and soft-tissue stability
Mario Berretta: Regenfast®: can we accelerate hard-tissue augmentation with hyaluronic acid and polynucleotides?
Florian Rathe: Is the adjunctive use of hyaluronic acid and octenidine in anti-infective periodontal therapy evidence-based and what is the added value?

Join in – we’re looking forward to seeing you!


16:45 - 18:45

Shaping the future of oral rehabilitation. Innovative treatment concepts for challenging clinical scenarios

Moderator: Lucrezia Paterno Holtzman (Italy)
Speakers: Andre Chen (Portugal), Maja Chmielewska (Poland), Sepehr Zarrine (France)

This corporate forum will focus on the ongoing transformation of oral rehabilitation, with an emphasis on treatment strategies designed to address challenging clinical scenarios. The invited speakers will explore the multifaceted aspects of this field, from dynamic navigation-assisted protocols and digital planning for full arch restorations to immediate and graftless solutions for atrophic jaws. We will delve into the practical application of these treatment concepts in daily clinical practice, their efficiencies, and safety profiles. Furthermore, the implications of these novel methodologies on the future of dental implantology will be examined. 


Friday 29th September

12:45 - 13:45

Speakers: Daniel Rothamel (Germany), Robert Oretti (United Kingdom)

Allografts – new perspectives in guided bone augmentation

Various clinical indications alone or in combination with guided bone regeneration frequently require bone augmentation. Today, autologous bone grafts harvested from the doner site represent the gold standard for guided bone regeneration but are associated with several shortcomings related to the increase in patient`s morbidity and anatomical limitations of the donor site. Increasing evidence indicates that allografts may represent a safe alternative to autologous transplants in implant therapy. This forum will provide new data and therapeutic concepts on allografts pointing to the potential clinical relevance of these materials in implant dentistry.

12:45 - 13:45

Maximize success with the All-on-4 concept: Advantages and challenges in modern practice

Moderator: Enrico Agliardi (Italy)
Speakers: Paulo Malo (Portugal), Alessandro Pozzi (Italy), Dennis Rohner (Switzerland)

Innovation for the revolutionary All-on-4 concept never stops. For 25 years it has been transforming patients’ lives in a day with Immediate Function of full-arch prostheses with no need for bone grafting. In this corporate forum, world-renowned speakers including inventor, Paulo Malo, discuss the latest technologies. They will focus on patient selection, surgical techniques, prosthetic design, digital workflows and long-term outcomes, plus advice on the challenges of this advanced technique. Attendees will learn how to optimize treatment planning, achieve predictable results and manage complications in order to improve the quality of life of their patients.

12:45 - 13:45

Latest advances in the treatment of the peri-implant disorders

Speaker: Markus Schlee (Germany)

The lecture aims to provide an in-depth overview of the state-of-the-art advancements in the treatment of peri-implant disorders. Our speaker will delve into the capabilities of a novel treatment concept, the dental implant cleaning system. This innovative treatment modality presents a potential resolution to surmount the intricacies involved in managing these complex dental conditions, thereby augmenting the prospect of improved long-term implant survival rates. A comprehensive overview of the concept principles, mechanism of action, and the unique technological advancements that set this system apart from traditional methodologies will also be provided. 


Saturday 30th September

in German 

12:45 - 13:45 

Komplikationsmanagement bei defizitärem Hart- und Weichgewebe: Was tun, wenn nichts mehr geht?

Moderator: Peter Gehrke (Germany)
Speakers: Fouad Khoury (Germany), Markus Schlee (Germany)

Obwohl sich die dentale Implantologie in den vergangenen Jahrzehnten zu einer bewährten Therapieform etabliert hat, stellen sich zunehmend Patienten mit insuffizienten implantologischen Versorgungen und der Herausforderung nach einer Neuversorgung in der Praxis vor. Diese Restaurationen weisen nach einer langen Funktionsperiode oft Defizite hinsichtlich ihrer biologischen und ästhetischen Integration auf, deren Ursachen in den inadäquaten Behandlungskonzepten der Erstversorgung zu finden sind. Lernen sie mit zwei ausgewiesenen Experten klinische Konzepte zu einem differenzierten und optimierten Komplikationsmanagement kennen.

in German (translate in english)

12:45 - 13:45 

Sofortimplantation – essentielles Wissen für die Praxis. Evidenzbasiert und alltagserprobt.

Speaker: Frank Schwarz (Germany)

Die Sofortimplantation hat sich längst als wissenschaftlich dokumentierte Therapiemethode im täglichen Praxisalltag etabliert. Durch den Einsatz eines digitalen Workflows lassen sich zudem Konzepte der Sofortversorgung mit dem „One-Abutment-/One-Time“-Konzept sehr einfach umsetzen.
In diesem Workshop werden die nachfolgenden Themenbereiche praxisnah diskutiert:

  • Grundlagen der Sofortimplantation (Indikationen, Kontraindikationen, Implantatdesign)
  • Navigierte Implantologie mit Fokus Sofortimplantation
  • Klinisches Vorgehen step-by-step (Live-OP Videos)
  • Grundlagen und Konzept der Sofortversorgung
  • Komplikationsmanagement

in English  

12:45 - 13:45 

Immediate implantology and immediate loading. From single teeth to the latest technology for full-arch rehabilitations

Speakers: Gabor Tepper (Austria), Mona Eide-Gast (Norway)

Immediately applicable treatment concepts of all degrees of difficulty are presented step by step with thorough analysis. The improved comfort for the patient as well as the economic significance of immediate implantology for your practice, will also be explained in detail. Finally, participants will learn about a new revolutionizing technology for full-arch rehabilitation. You will experience how to achieve a high accuracy scan in full-arch Implant cases, for a provisional and final full arch restoration with exceptional quality and fit in the shortest time.