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September 29th – October 1st 2022
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 Thursday 29th September

  • 16:30 - 18:30

    Your regenerative strategy for treating bony defects

    Chair: Mariano Sanz (Spain)

    Speakers: Daniele Cardaropoli (Italy), Edith Groenendijk (Netherlands), Hélène Arnal (France), Isabella Rochietta (UK)

    Does the timing of implant placement or the complexity of the bony defect have any link to the reliability or endurance of the restoration, or to the perfect esthetics and function desired by the patient? And what role do regenerative procedures play in this?

    At the Geistlich Industry Forum these questions and many more will find an answer. The focus will be on proven and predictable materials and techniques for new bone formation, predictability of success, and patient safety and satisfaction.

    Five renowned clinicians will debate in two consecutive sessions the interrelated parameters they consider when selecting treatment protocols, methods and preferred regenerative procedures for either single or full arch rehabilitations. At the end of the session, you will be empowered to choose between the proposed approaches to find the most suitable treatment options for you and your patients.

    Session 1: Immediate or delayed implant placement? Geistlich biomaterials allow for either
    Daniele Cardaropoli, Italy
    Edith Groenendijk, Netherlands

    Session 2 : Your strategy for treating complex bony defects
    Isabella Rocchietta, UK
    Hélène Arnal, France

    in Geneva
  • 16:30 - 18:30

    Biologically driven innovations for immediate and long-term treatment success

    Chair: Christoph Hämmerle (Switzerland)

    Speakers: Enrico Agliardi (Italy), Juan Mesquida (Spain) & Renaud Noharet (France)

    Based on scientific and clinical expertise, Nobel Biocare introduced some of the most groundbreaking innovations in implantology over the years, from single tooth to full arch treatment solutions.

    In this forum, global experts present the biological rationale behind the latest evidence-based developments, and how these enable immediate and long-term treatment success. These include abutment and implant surfaces for osseointegration and the Mucointegration™ concept, and the biological benefits of site preparation with OsseoShaper™, part of the new Nobel Biocare N1™ concept.

    In addition, presenters share their practical application of these solutions, including digital workflows, navigated surgery, patient-specific treatments and incorporation into the All-on-4® treatment concept.

    in Geneva
  • 16:30 - 18:30

    Digital immediacy in your daily practice
    Chair: Eirik Salvesen (Norway)
    Speakers: Maja Chmielewska (Poland), Abid Faqir (UK) & Panagiotis Papaspyridakos (USA)

    Nowadays, patients expect not only reliable, predictable, and personalized treatment options, but they also demand solutions to shorten the overall treatment time. Therefore, immediate protocols and digital workflow revolutionized implant dentistry as they offer a variety of benefits for patients and help clinicians treat specific indications, especially in the esthetic zone.

    During this corporate forum, world-renowned speakers will discuss successful immediate treatment concepts for different reconstruction modalities, from single-tooth restoration to full arch rehabilitation. Particular attention will be paid to the appropriate treatment planning and selection of the most suitable components based on patients’ unique clinical situations.

    1. Maja Chmielewska - Save my smile - traumatic injuries in the esthetic zone
    2. Abid Faqir - The first mandibular molar - everyday life in my clinic
    3. Panagiotis Papaspyridakos - Is fully digital immediate full-arch reconstruction already a reality?
    in Geneva
  • ZimVie

    20:05 - 20:27

    The Digital Road Map - from planning to the final restoration
    Speaker: Dimitar Filtchev (Bulgaria)

    The lecture will go through a different treatment planning protocol - a way of digital planning. A fully guided digital protocol for implant placement will be presented with a biological concept for creating and keeping a stable emergence profile.

    The thin soft-tissues lead to increased marginal bone loss compared to thick soft-tissues, at implants. A prosthetic way of increasing the biotype will be introduced aimed at increasing the soft tissue level around teeth and implants.

    This lecture also will demonstrate the ways for preserving the level of the hard- and soft-tissues without dimensional changes through adding a sub-marginal connective tissue graft and will describe the socket shield technique.

    Is the digital impression already as accurate as the analog one? What types of scanbodies can be used?

    Do we have today the opportunity to restore an implant case fully digital? What combination of the different types of abutments and crowns could be used for the final prosthetic rehabilitation?

  • Strausman

    21:30 - 21:52

    Inspiration TALKS: The future starts now – utilizing technology and seamless workflows
    Speaker: Mark Ludlow (USA)

    How can you treat even complex cases with utmost predictability and efficiency? Seamless digital workflows from scan to crown, powered by latest technology, will fulfill and exceed patient expectations and transform the way you look at implant procedures.  

    Join digital Inspiration TALKS with Dr. Mark Ludlow to kick-off your future in implant dentistry. The future is digital, and the future is now – reducing treatment complexity and providing enviable personalized esthetics and long-lasting function for your implant patients.


Friday 30th September

  • 13:00 - 14:00

    A fresh and scientific approach on immediacy: differences in restorative approaches

    Speakers: Ramón Gómez-Meda (Spain) & Marcus Beschnidt (Germany)

    Understanding immediacy demands, achieving superior results, avoiding complications and managing revisions when it comes to full arch restorations involves a well noted and scientific approach. This forum brings together two world renown leaders in implant dentistry who will share their successful and individual views on immediate loading procedures with different ideas on final restorations to achieve superior aesthetic results.

    in Geneva
  • 13:00 - 14:00

    Inspiration TALKS: The future starts now – clinical innovation and seamless workflows
    Speakers: Michael Norton (United Kingdom), Marco Toia (Italy) & Mischa Krebs (Germany)

    How can you provide superior treatment results to your patients in the most efficient way possible? With innovative yet scientifically proven solutions and seamless digital workflow integration, you have implant performance and enviable personalized esthetics for each and every patient right at your fingertips every day.

    Join Inspiration TALKS and follow renowned clinicians on their exciting journeys to deliver restorative excellence and lasting patient satisfaction by combining outstanding clinical skills with the latest digital technology.  

    in Geneva
  • 13:00 - 14:00

    Immediate v/s delayed approach: a scientific and clinical rationale
    Speakers: Georges Khoury (France) & Christian Makary (Lebanon)

    Over the past three decades, oral implantology has proven to be a reliable and predictable technique for the rehabilitation of edentulous spaces. Attainment of this goal, however, is predicated on the ability of the implant to achieve osseointegration with its bony environment.

    During this presentation, scientific and clinical rationale will be presented in order to give the clinician an evidence-based approach for immediate or delayed implant placement and loading protocol.

    in Geneva

  • 20:05 - 20:27

    Immediate treatment options for edentulous patients with the severely atrophied maxilla

    Speaker: Sepehr Zarrine (France)

    When conventional implants-based, fixed rehabilitation cannot be achieved in fully edentulous patients due to the severely atrophic maxilla, zygomatic implants represent a viable and predictable treatment option. This clinical approach provides an immediate, fixed, and graftless solution for those patients and is supported by a vast body of scientific evidence with excellent long-term results.

    This lecture will discuss a fully graftless immediate fixed treatment approach using the Straumann Zygomatic Implant System, with particular attention paid to the patient's unique anatomical situation.



  • 21:30 - 21:52

    More details available soon



Saturday 1st October

  • 12:45 - 13:45

    Soft tissue management for hyaluronic acid-supported bone augmentation

    Speakers:  Marius Steigmann (Germany)

    Despite technological advancements for bone augmentation and prosthetic treatments, soft tissue manipulation remains largely dependent on strong surgical skills. Moreover, clinical manageability of particulate bone substitutes is an emerging key aspect, which can be improved by organic additives such as hyaluronic acid. The lecture will address the analog execution of incision flap, design and suture in the aesthetic- and non-aesthetic zone and will highlight how the biomaterial innovation cerabone® plus can simplify clinical procedures in the context both of GBR and soft tissue management.

    in Geneva

  • 12:45 - 13:45

    More details available soon

    in Geneva

  • 12:45 - 13:45

    S1: a new sticky bone substitute
    Speaker: Marco Esposito (Italy)

    In this seminar, we shall discuss about the need of bone substitutes and the characteristics of the ideal bone substitute. We shall therefore introduce S1 dental, a new bovine sticky bone, present the research behind it, its possible clinical indications and how to use it. A series of clinical cases to show the preliminary clinical outcome will be presented.

    in Geneva

  • 20:05 - 20:27

    More details available soon


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