From October 11th
To October 13th, 2018
Invited region:
Russia and BaLtic countries

Industry Symposia

Thursday October 11th
10:30 > 12:30

What if a prosthetic frame could influence quality of life?
Moderator: Marcus Jarman-Smith (UK)

Clinical Experience with PEEK Infrastructure Results of an Ongoing Prospective Study
Carlos Moura Guedes (Portugal)
Lab Perspective with PEEK Infrastructure in Multiple Applications on Implant Dentistry
António Silva (Portugal)
The potential of PEEK Infrastructure for Achieving and Maintaining Successful Results
Miguel de Araújo Nobre (Portugal)

There is increased interest in the long term clinical outcomes and quality of life of patients treated with a high performance polymer for the framework material for full-arch implant-supported dental prosthetics, rather than the traditionally used metal or ceramic materials. The presentations by The MALO CLINIC will focus on laboratory experiences and clinical outcomes with JUVORA full-arch implant supported prostheses on edentulous patients.

10:30 > 12:30

Applying new Gold-Standards of bone-management in everyday practice
Moderator: Angelo Troedhan (Austria)

Piezotome-Ridge-Preservation at removal of roots and implants: Trium-CBCT planning and execution, Duration: 45 minutes
Angelo Troedhan (Austria)

Piezotome-surgery: bone augmentation and sinuslift made easy – a live-surgery video-demonstration, Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes
Angelo Troedhan (Austria)

Panoramic X-rays were the only diagnostic tools until now and drills and burs the only tools for bone-management execution. New CBCT-technology with predictive bone-quality assessment and planning tools as well as Piezotomes with approved superior atraumaticity for bone-surgery are the “game-changers” in the upcoming decade.
Based on clinical cases featuring alveolar ridge preserving removal of ankylosed roots and fractured implants and management of atrophic alveolar ridges, the presurgical virtual planning with XMIND-TRIUM-CBCT and the Piezotome-surgical protocols for bone-preserving explantation, crest-splitting and sinuslift as well as their outcomes will be introduced.


17:00 > 19:00

Learning about proven surgical protocols and new trends in advanced implant dentistry

Optimize results in complex rehabilitations
Matteo Chiapasco (Italy)

Bone substitutes play an important role in order to reduce the need of bone harvesting. Unsatisfactory results may be also related to insufficient quality and quantity of peri-implant soft tissues which can be corrected with autogenous soft tissues or collagen matrices.

Optimizing the thickness of the peri-implant mucosa
Otto Zuhr (Germany)

Possible influence of peri-implant mucosa on the peri-implant bone is currently a hot topic in regenerative dentistry. State of the art and innovative therapeutic approaches - especially with the new volume-stable collagen matrix Geistlich Fibro-Gide® - are illustrated

10:30 > 12:30

Understanding ISQ diagnostics for best practice in implant treatments
Confidence and predictability in implant treatments and empowering new treatment techniques!
Moderator: Marcus Dagnelid (Sweden)
Ulrike Kuchler (Austria), Paul S. Rosen (USA), Francisco Teixeira Barbosa (Spain)

The Osstell Scientific Symposium will demonstrate how Resonance Frequency Analysis (RFA) guides and facilitates clinical decision making in dental implantology.
Topics will include:

  • Specific cases with live polls for the audience
  • Advanced surgical techniques and how Osstell facilitates their development
  • Educational models and online platforms empowering clinicians to be more successful in their treatments

The speakers will clearly demonstrate why Osstell is the true objective method of determining implant stability in all treatment phases, based on more than 20 years of clinical experience and 900 scientific articles published.

17:00 > 19:00

Demonstrating clinical performance of the Straumann dental implants for immediate treatment protocols

New perspectives in immediate implant treatment
Moderator: Bilal Al-Nawas (Germany)
Bilal Al-Nawas (Germany), Ophir Fromovich (Israel), Helena Francisco (Portugal), Léon Pariente (France), Karim Dada (France), Gabor Tepper (Austria)

Nowadays, patients expect not only reliable, predictable and personalized treatment options, but they also demand solutions to shorten the overall treatment time. Therefore, immediate protocols have become more popular, and are validated as safe and acceptable treatment modalities.

During this corporate forum, world-renowned speakers will present the latest evidence on pre- and clinical performance of newly developed Straumann BLX implant: from the superior implant material, to the unique macro- and micro-design and the best-in-class hydrophilic surface. Wide clinical application spectrum that goes beyond immediate implant protocols will be discussed.

Demonstrating clinical concepts and techniques from the single unit to full arch implant restorations using digital workflows. Showing clinical cases using Puros® Allograft customized bone blocks, from the design to the re-opening and final clinical result. 

Restoring failing teeth in the aesthetic zone and full arch rehabilitations in the digital age including customized bone blocks.

Implant Restoration in The Aesthetic Zone
Stefan Fickl (Germany)

Puros® Allograft Customized Blocks Design
Stefan Berger (Germany)

The Evolution Of Vertical Equilibrated Impressions Up To The Digital Age
Dieter Busenlechner (Austria)


Friday October 12th
17:00 > 19:00

"Developing new standards for immediate loading based on new trends and designs considering bone physiology"

A different view in immediat implant treatment
Meir Mamraev (Israel), Borja Diaz Oliver (Spain), Orlando Alvarez (Chile)

Dental implants therapy is more than a proven secure therapy, the evolution goes by the hand of our patient demands in terms of reducing time and pain with high aesthetic results.

the new world digital revolution sets the tone and rules the pathways, in this corporate forum will be shown different perspectives in terms of secure treatment options based on new design proposals. Clinicians will be able to understand the benefits and be critical in the decision process for case solving.

17:00 > 19:00

Bringing inspiration and innovation to dental professionals

Inspiration TALKS with Dentsply Sirona Implants – dreams of the future
Moderator: Lyndon Cooper (USA)
Marco Degidi (Italy), Mark Ludlow (USA), Maria Strømme (Sweden)

Do you dream of creating excellent results that really make the difference for patients? Results that provide a lifetime of optimal function and individualized esthetics? We dream too. Of groundbreaking innovation, ingenious technology and simple procedures that respect biology and mimic nature. Together with dental professionals, we make dreams come true today and tomorrow. Innovative solutions and professional implant skills make a difference. 

17:00 > 19:00

Defining and leading the future of implantology

Leading innovations for Immediate Function, shorter time-to-teeth and long-term success

Moderator: Gabor Tepper (Austria)
Luca De Stavola (Italy), France Lambert (Belgium), Markus Schlee (Germany), Peter Schüpbach (Switzerland), Tristan Staas (Netherlands), Ann Wennerberg (Sweden)

Implant design and surface quality are critical factors for successful, long-term clinical outcomes. NobelActive is the archetype example, leading Immediate Function protocols for 10+ years to ensure predictable outcomes and excellent esthetics. This forum will reveal breakthrough innovations and draw links between research and clinical practice. You will experience cutting-edge technologies like navigated surgery, novel bone-grafting materials, and the first technology to truly eliminate biofilm from implant surfaces – presented with expert insights into successful clinical practice routines.

Saturday October 13th
12:30 > 13:30

Learning more about digital implant workflows

In-office printed surgical guides using digital impressions and digital smile design
Walter Renne (USA), Zachary P. Evans (USA)

Learn about utilization and accuracy of various intraoral digital impression systems on the market and how to incorporate smile design for virtual waxing into implant planning for accurate in-office 3D printed surgical guides using the Planmeca Romexis all-in-one software platform.

Note for partners:

Industry satellite symposia slots are still available on Saturday noon. Please contact Vincent Laudun, for more information.


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