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  • Thursday 26th September


    What if a prosthetic frame could influence quality of life?

    • Clinical Experience with PEEK Infrastructure Results of an Ongoing Prospective Study
      Carlos Moura Guedes (Portugal)
    • Lab Perspective with PEEK Infrastructure in Multiple Applications on Implant Dentistry
      António Silva (Portugal)
    • The potential of PEEK Infrastructure for Achieving and Maintaining Successful Results
      Miguel de Araújo Nobre (Portugal)

    There is increased interest in the long term clinical outcomes and quality of life of patients treated with a high performance polymer for the framework material for full-arch implant-supported dental prosthetics, rather than the traditionally used metal or ceramic materials. The presentations by The MALO CLINIC will focus on laboratory experiences and clinical outcomes with JUVORA full-arch implant supported prostheses on edentulous patients.

  • Thursday 26th September


    Enabling best practices using Osstell implant diagnostics

    Evidence based guidance for implant loading - sharing knowledge for predictable treatment outcomes

    Marcus Dagnelid (Sweden)

    Jeff Ganeles (USA)
    Barry Levin (USA)
    Neil Meredith (Australia)

    The speakers will demonstrate how clinicians can achieve predictable and optimal time to teeth for each patient using Osstell implant diagnostics.
    Easy access to evidence-based diagnostics and statistics is important to guide both implantologists and specialists about osseointegration of implants.
    Therefore, Osstell has developed a unique cloud-based portal, the Osstell Connect, a global online service enabling actionable insights and a powerful tool of “factfulness” for the clinician.

  • Thursday 26th September

    Bringing inspiration and innovation to dental professionals

    Inspiration TALKS – making the difference with evolution, innovation and convenience

    Lyndon Cooper (USA)
    Martin Wanendeya (United Kingdom)
    Malene Hallund (Denmark)

    High quality implant dentistry is like the art and science of building a bridge. You start with a foundation based on science, followed by detailed planning and precise surgical skills, completed by a unique, esthetic, restorative design. Together with solutions based on continuous evolution, digital innovation and convenience, the final result makes a difference for each and every patient. And just like the bridge, implant dentistry helps overcome obstacles and create opportunities-to enjoy life again today and tomorrow.

  • Thursday 26th September


    Prof. Dr. Stefan RENVERT

    Regeneration of tissues in sites affected by peri-implantitis.

    Peri-implantitis affected implants lesions can be successfully regenerated using regenerative measures and maintained over a long time. The lecture will not only cover diagnosis and classification, but also when and how to apply predictive regenerative procedures.

    Prof. Dr. Bilal Al-Nawas

    Digital planning in GBR: customized bone regeneration® in complex bone augmentation

    Vertical bone augmentation requires space maintaining elements to provide graft stability but are associated with time consuming procedures. 3D printing technology offers new opportunities to reduce surgical time due to customization and supports planning of bone regeneration and implant positioning in a digital workflow.


  • Thursday 26th September

    More details coming soon

  • Friday 27th September

    Revolutionary innovations in implant dentistry – experience the novel implant system, Nobel Biocare N1™

    Gabor Tepper (Austria) 

    Nobel Biocare introduces a revolutionary implant system. Innovations in site preparation, implant and abutment surfaces and design have all been combined to achieve bone preservation, the Mucointegration™ process and improve patient comfort.

    Discover how world-renowned clinicians have reduced complexity, streamlined workflows, and shortened treatment times with a state-of-the-art system. It removes guesswork and presents a treatment option that patients are more likely to accept – all driven by biological and minimally invasive principles.

    Join our dynamic discussion about the design rationale, scientific evidence, and clinical experience, and gain practical advice on how to incorporate these innovations into daily practice.

  • Friday 27th September

    Achieving predictable clinical outcomes in immediate implant protocols. Appropriate planning and innovative techniques

    Waldemar Polido (USA)

    Eirik Aasland Salvesen (Norway)
    Algirdas Puisys (Lithuania)
    Tomas Linkevicius (Lithuania)
    Louwrens (Blackie) Swart (Republic of South Africa)
    Edmond Bedrossian (USA)

    Immediate implant protocols have revolutionized implant dentistry as they offer a variety of benefits for patients and help clinicians treat specific indications, especially in the esthetic zone.
    During this corporate forum, world-renowned speakers will present successful immediate treatment concepts for different reconstruction modalities, from single tooth restoration to full arch rehabilitation using the Straumann® ProArch® solutions. The innovative techniques for hard and soft tissue management will also be presented. Particular attention will be paid on the appropriate treatment planning, as well as selection of the most suitable components based on patients’ unique clinical situations.

  • Friday 27th September

    More details coming soon

  • Saturday 28th September

    Discuss ideal restoratively driven digital implant planning

    Achieving perfect implant placement? Strategies for prosthetically driven digital implant planning

    Zachary Evans (USA)

    Since the clinical incorporation of CBCT and intraoral imaging into the dental implant practice, the ability for digital planning has evolved. A wide variety of strategies have been developed to plan the surgery (i.e. implant position), referencing the radiographic data along with models or interpretations of the future restorative design. Two questions have arisen: What digital implant planning strategies are the most useful; and what do we consider to be the best implant position? This presentation will review new research into how different digital workflows for implant planning affect the validity of the plan, and demonstrate an ideal workflow.


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