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Junior Committee sessions

The EAO Junior Committee is pleased to organize the following sessions during the EAO congress 2022 in Geneva:

Thursday 29th September - 08:45-12:30

My first implant

Marianzela Alexopoulou (Belgium) & João Pitta (Switzerland)


  • Osseointegration and factors influencing osseointegration
    Kathrin Becker (Germany)

  • Treatment planning
    Marianzela Alexopoulou (Belgium)

  • Implant characteristics
    Lucrezia Paterno Holtzman (Italy) & Ignacio Sanz Sánchez (Spain)
    • Parallel wall vs conical
    • Bone level vs tissue level
    • Implant connections
    • Implant surfaces

  • Surgical aspects of implant placement
    Nikolay Makarov (Russia)
    • Tridimensional implant placement step by step and guided surgery

  • Prosthodontic rehabilitation of implants
    João Pitta (Switzerland) & Pavel Scarlat (Moldova)
    • Conventional tools
    • Digital tools
    • Restorative materials

  • Risks & complications
    Balazs Feher (Austria)


Hands-on exercises with pig jaws

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This session has been organized thanks to the support of BioHorizons Camlog, Dentsply Sirona, Geistlich, Nobel Biocare Services AG, Straumann Group and HuFriedyGroup.

Saturday 1st October - 09:00-10:30

Battle of concepts: Management of molars with an unfavourable periodontal and/or restorative prognosis

Kathrin Becker (Germany) and Ignacio Sanz Sánchez (Spain)

  • The periodontal approach. When to go for periodontal regeneration and when to choose resective approaches.
    Ulrike Schulze-Späte (Germany)

  • The implant approach. How should we manage the periodontal patient to further receive dental implants? When is it worthy to extract the molar and to place an implant?
    Giulia Brunello (Italy)

  • Dental autotransplantation. Can the use of digital tools improve the outcome and predictability? Is there any age limit?
    Ernest Lucas-Taulé (United Kingdom)

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