EAO CONGRESS 2023 - Berlin Reloaded Berlin Reloaded
September 28th - 30th 2023
Invited country: Türkiye
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Junior Committee sessions

Thursday 28th September - 08:45-12:30

My first implant

Marianzela Alexopoulou (Belgium) & João Pitta (Switzerland)


  • Osseointegration and factors influencing osseointegration, Implant surfaces
    Kathrin Becker (Germany)

  • Implant characteristics
    Lucrezia Paterno Holtzman (Italy)
    • Parallel wall vs conical
    • Bone level vs tissue level
    • Implant connections

  • Treatment planning and management of complications
    Balazs Feher (Austria)

  • Surgical aspects of implant placement
    Nikolay Makarov (Russia)
    • step by step (incisions, flap design, 3D position)

  • Prosthodontic rehabilitation of implants:
    Pavel Scarlat (Moldova)
    • Conventional tools / Digital tools
    • Restorative materials


Hands-on exercises with pig jaws

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This session has been organized thanks to the support of BioHorizons Camlog, Dentsply Sirona, Geistlich, Nobel Biocare, Osstem Implant, Straumann and HuFriedyGroup.

Saturday 30th September - 11:00-12:30

Battle of concepts: How to treat a single tooth gap in the aesthetic area?
Joint session with the DGI Next Generation Committee

Kathrin Becker (Germany) and Lukas Waltenberger (Germany)


  • Implant placement in the growing patient
    Leonie Spilker (Germany)

  • Minimally invasive pontic
    Frank Spitznagel (Germany)
  • Orthodontic gap closure
    Petra Julia Koch (Germany)

  • Implant placement after growth completion
    Stefano Sivolella (Italy)

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