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Our Committees

EAO Board of Directors

  • EAO President
    Henning Schliephake (Germany)
  • President Elect
    Luca Cordaro (Italy)
  • Treasurer
    Ronald Jung (Switzerland)
  • Secretary General
    Gil Alcoforado (Portugal)
  • Past President
    Alberto Sicilia (Spain)
  • Members
    Türker Örnekol (Turkey)
    Bjarni Pjetursson (Iceland)
    Isabella Rocchietta (UK)
    Irena Sailer (Switzerland)

DGI Board of Directors (2018-2021) - Germany

  • President
    Knut A. Grötz
  • Vice President
    Florian Beuer
  • Past President
    Frank Schwarz
  • Treasurer
    Karl Ludwig Ackermann
  • Secretary
    Bilal Al-Nawas
  • Continuous Education
    Christian Hammächer
  • Spokeswoman
    Anette Strunz

EAO-DGI Scientific Committee 2020

  • Congress chairs
    Henning Schliephake (Germany)
    Frank Schwarz (Germany)
    Florian Beuer (Germany)
  • Members
    Daniele Botticelli (Italy), Elena Figuero (Spain), Helena Francisco (Portugal), Iva Milinkovic (Serbia), Katja Nelson (Switzerland), Bjarni Pjetursson (Iceland), Gerry Raghoebar (Netherlands), Andreas Stavropoulos (Sweden)

EAO Congress Committee

  • Chairperson
    Bjarni Pjetursson (Iceland)
  • Members
    Kathrin Becker (Germany), Jaime A. Gil (Spain), Iva Milinkovic (Serbia), David Nisand (France), Türker Örnekol (Turkey)

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