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EAO - European Association for Osseointegration
September 29th – October 1st 2022
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Our Committees

EAO Board of directors (2021-2023)  

  • EAO President
    Luca Cordaro (Italy)
  • President Elect
    Ronald Jung (Switzerland)
  • Treasurer
    Gil Alcoforado (Portugal)
  • Secretary General
    Türker Örnekol (Turkey)
  • Past President
    Henning Schliephake (Germany)
  • Members

    Robert Haas (Austria)
    Bjarni Pjetursson (Iceland)
    Isabella Rocchietta (UK)
    Irena Sailer (Switzerland)

EAO Congress 2022 Scientific Committee

  • Chairs

    Irena Sailer (Switzerland)

  • Members

    Gil Alcoforado (Portugal)
    Anne Benhamou (France)
    Norbert Cionca (Switzerland)
    Helena Francisco (Portugal)
    Jaime Gil (Spain)
    Stefano Gracis (Italy)
    Markus Hürzeler (Germany)
    Riccardo Kraus (Switzerland)
    Nikos Mattheos (Hong Kong)
    Iva Milinkovic (Serbia)
    Bjarni Pjetursson (Iceland)
    Philippe Rieder (Switzerland)
    Fidel Ruggia (Switzerland)
    Stefan Wolfart (Germany)

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